Ekj Ran (I Run) Low German

Based in Bolivia, Eduard Giesbrecht leads the Ekj Ran (I Run) ministry team in creating radio and video resources that inspire young people to “run and not give up”. Using panel discussions and music, the programs address relevant lifestyle issues using language that resonates with the audience. Click here to…

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CIAM is Alert Ready

CIAM Radio has been proactive in giving listeners advisory and emergency messages to listeners in potentially affected areas for over a year before CRTC mandated all broadcasters to convey emergency messages. Whether a message pertains to a severe weather threat like a tornado or an evacuation order due to wildfire,…

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CIAM Cell-Phone Apps – Iphone & Android

iPhone app

CIAM Media and Radio Broadcasting Association is pleased to announce the release of the CIAM app for Apple mobile devices. The CIAM app allows you to enjoy listening to the CIAM community broadcast in crystal clear digital audio. Every broadcast region in the CIAM Radio family is represented allowing you…

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