Serve in Media

Serving in a Community context

As a local CIAM missionary, the key role is working together with Christians in the community. A Christ centered life testimony is what speaks to those you are serving, whether that is the community you are in, the CIAM team or on the air.

In addition to CIAM’s full-time missionary servants, there are also many dedicated missionary volunteer servants from various age groups and backgrounds. Some are involved in production of programs and live broadcasting, others in recording of weather reports & news, community liners & messages, downloading of minute devotionals & music (CIAM has close to 20,000 songs in its directory), hosting of live call in shows, web-development, antenna & transmitter installations, maintenance of studios, and much more. We are deeply thankful for each and every one involved in serving the Lord. You could be one of them.

Full Time Missionary or Volunteer Servant

As the CIAM broadcast network continues to expand, we would like to invite you to join our CIAM missionary servant team. You can serve full-time or volunteer – short or long term, locally or by extension on-line. At the moment, there are several communities that are at various stages of establishment for a CIAM broadcast. There are opportunities right now to start serving in a missionary role in each of these communities.

Your Calling

Your calling as a servant and missionary is important as you serve with the CIAM team.

We would like to spend time with you in prayer and come alongside you as you are seeking God’s calling for your life. We would like to see you grow deeper in Spiritual maturity and deeper in your calling as you serve with CIAM. We are walking with you as a friend and fellow servant.

Qualifications & Gifting

The most important qualification for a servant with CIAM is his or her testimony of a real and vital relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, as well as a living and active faith with compassion for the lost. Your heart is for prayer and you are a team builder who understands the importance of serving within the Body of Christ. Although no formal broadcasting training is required, there is still an advantage to have experience in technical fields including IT, broadcasting, journalism, RF or any other field related to modern broadcasting and communication. No matter what age or background, every missionary will receive extensive in-house training.


CIAM media provides specialized training both over Internet and at the main studios at no charge for full time missionaries and for volunteers. Training is done on site at other broadcast locations as well.


CIAM is a faith based charitable organization. CIAM’s goal is to see every full-time missionary well supported by local churches, individual donors and benevolent businesses. However as a full-time missionary servant you are not required to have your full support in place before starting to serve. When you are called, we trust the Lord to provide financially as well. Over time, each missionary servant will be asked to prayerfully build their financial support to a level that is reasonable for their family and community situation. Our goal is to see each community broadcast support the respective local missionary. CIAM will assist you in providing presentation material and ideas for connecting with supporters. Minimum and maximum long term support levels will be discussed on an individual basis, and according to your specific needs.


Feel free to call us on 780-435-8600 or contact us by e-mail at [email protected] and we would be glad to pray with you and tell you more about the CIAM training program and how you can serve with us.

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