About Us

CIAM Radio is a listener-supported, non-profit, non-commercial radio broadcast. Our focus is on the eternal I AM. Through our work, we want to see communities transformed; lives changed, built up, and restored through a personal living relationship with Jesus Christ.

CIAM emphasizes building a strong community through the Word of God and music, which is done through relevant programming and music for family and youth. In addition, CIAM provides community services information, relevant news coverage, emergency broadcasts, song request hours and content serving several ethnicities.

As a means of reaching the whole community with the Good News, CIAM also has an emphasis on community involvement and community outreach.

Bringing Good News to
Canada's People

Our Story

CIAM started with a vision and a burden for Christ-centered media over twenty years ago in 1999. Today, CIAM operates as a non-profit charitable mission organization based out of the culturally diverse community of Fort Vermilion, Alberta, with its support centre in Edmonton.

In 2003, CIAM Radio was miraculously approved by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) as the first broadcast of its kind in Alberta. Since then, CIAM Radio has been broadcasting to northern Albertans, in a 24-hour daily community format. CIAM is presently working with numerous community groups across Canada who have a desire to see  community broadcasting established in their communities.

CIAM is also closely linked with media visionaries broadcasting in China, India and Bolivia.

Our Mission

CIAM Radio’s purpose is to present the Good News in its simplest and clearest format without commercial advertising as a means of revenue. We also believe that a Christ-centered community radio outreach depends highly on unity in the body of Christ as we serve together, while also recognizing our diversities and different gifts.

​CIAM is a community of missionary servants who have a common vision to bring the Good News to Canada’s people through creative media here at home and globally. As a means of reaching the whole community with the Good News, we recognize the importance of “The Body of Christ” serving together in the community; ultimately, we serve together with one common purpose and heart, whether as full-time or volunteer servants involved in programming and broadcasting, or as supporters in prayer or finances.

“I AM who I AM…This is my name forever, the name by which I am to be remembered from generation to generation.” (Ex. 3:14-15)