Start a local CIAM station

Does your area need an uplifting community radio station?

As a ministry, CIAM supports and launches new local radio broadcasts each year and would

love the opportunity to share Good News with your community.

CIAM Radio will support your station by -

  • Managing government relationships and applications with CRTC and Industry Canada, which ensures APPROVAL.

  • Providing power location contacts, technical analysis, and frequency & call sign search, which ensures CONTACTS.

  • Supplying a complete package of equipment including transmitter, antenna, computers, on-air broadcasting software, installation and set up, which ensures RELIABILITY.

  • Implementing or assisting in developing program and music structure for your target audience, which ensures CONTENT.

  • Providing local training in programming and on-air broadcasting, which ensures on going high QUALITY.

  • Providing website templates, including web-streaming of your broadcast, which ensures effective COMMUNICATION.

  • On-going programming and broadcasting support, which ensures long-term CONTINUITY.

Getting Started

Step 1

Pray for a clear vision and develop a strong community team with a vision for Christian community radio (with Christian representation from several churches)

Step 2

Form a local steering committee of core visionary leaders (5-6 people) and a society.

Step 3

Look for existing tower sites for co-location and a FM frequency which is clear from disturbance within a range of at least 100km.

Step 4

If possible, visit CIAM’s Support Center in Edmonton and Broadcast Center in Fort Vermilion, Alberta.

Step 5

Build up community awareness/support and volunteer involvement, especially prayer support.

Set up costs

CIAM will provide your local group with a complete broadcast structure including a transmitter, antennas, broadcast servers and a basic on-air/production studio at cost.

The initial set up also includes software for 24/7 fully automated broadcasting. The cost of climbing and install depends on your individual tower co-location agreement.

The cost of setting up a new broadcast varies ($15,000-$20,000) pending on local circumstances.

Broadcast Fee

Broadcast fees vary based on the size of and support from your community and go towards a cost-sharing model to cover:

  • News Broadcasting Fee
  • SOCAN (Music Royalty)

  • Broadcast Insurance

  • Streaming

  • Software

  • General Support/Training

Your station’s monthly broadcast fee does not include your local tower rental, studio rent, and missionary support etc.

If you're interested in launching a local station, contact CIAM today!