CIAM Cell-Phone Apps – Iphone & Android



CIAM Media and Radio Broadcasting Association is pleased to announce the release of the CIAM app for Apple and Android mobile devices.  The CIAM app allows you to enjoy listening to the CIAM community broadcast in crystal clear digital audio.

Every broadcast region in the CIAM Radio family is represented allowing you to keep up-to-date with local events being broadcast throughout the day on the CIAM Messenger and with current local weather conditions broadcast every hour. While the app is playing your favourite station you are free to use your device for other functions not requiring audio, such as Social Media apps or texting. Be sure to click on the Social Media icons like Facebook and Twitter. There are several ways to connect with CIAM instantly using the features built in. A very convenient feature on the CIAM app is the clear display of the artist and title of the currently playing song.

The link is a convenient way to donate securely to CIAM Media and Radio Broadcasting Association, a registered charity.

The stream will use some data, and may incur data usage charges to your mobile phone account if not connected to a WiFi network. A WiFi connection is recommended for users with a small or no data plan. You will be sure to enjoy listening and interacting with CIAM Radio using the CIAM Radio app.

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