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Truth in My Days

The quintessence of our ministry is to defend the Bible against all attacks; to show its trustworthiness; to draw attention to the importance of doctrine; to teach sound doctrine, based on the Bible; to expose all teachings and traditions, no matter how revered, that are not in accordance with the Bible.

We do not wish to reinvent the wheel.  There are good Evangelical ministries already engaged in some of these areas and producing excellent materials.  In such cases, we will direct attention to their work.  Our primary focus will be on areas that are underserviced for Evangelicals.  Attacks on Christianity and the Bible occur rather frequently in the popular media, and there is a need for a “rapid response” to such things.  Often the Christian response is delayed.  Our goal is to have something available in response to such things on the very day they appear.  We will offer more detailed articles on important issues, as well as book and magazine reviews.  We will be interactive.  Christians can send us questions or comments, and we will do our best to respond to them all as we are able.